What You Learn by Travelling?


We are a part of the culture, in which we were born and raised. We speak the language of that country. We think through the particular cultural pattern, which is the ‘only’ and ‘correct’ one. We never realise it till we go away from our motherland.

When I moved to Finland from Russia, I was overwhelmed with many aspects, both positive and negative issues, things which were so similar and so different, aspects which I hated and those which I fell in love with. I judged everything through the +/- scale, based on my Russian background. I started questioning my previous life, my habits, my manners, my thoughts… Gradually, Finland became my judgement scale, while I was growing apart from my Russian routs.

In 2015, I started travelling around Europe, and that was a turning point in my reality and my entire life. There were no more judging model, there…

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