Just Because You Have the Money, Doesn’t Mean You Can Afford It

A Millennial's Guide to Financial Freedom

“Too many people spend money they earned..to buy things they don’t want..to impress people they don’t like”
-Will Rogers

Ability to buy and affordability are so commonly mistaken for one another. Let’s be clear, they are NOT the same thing.

I’ll start by telling a story…

My boyfriend in college came from a family that made a decent amount of money for a family in rural Kentucky, but their financial knowledge and money habits were not the best. They also had 6 kids at the time (and have added 2 more since we broke up). As we all know, kids are frickin’ expensive, so as you can imagine, money was tight for that family. Needless to say, my boyfriend wasn’t getting any financial assistance from his family for school. He was on a payment plan to make up for what football didn’t cover and he was paying that in the…

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