New bird species discovery on Borneo

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This video from Malaysia says about itself:

Bulbul, Cream-vented – Pycnonotus simplex

Tuesday 19th October, 2010- Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan, Pahang.

This Bulbul is easy to ID, from the whitish eyes that the bird has.

From Louisiana State University in the USA:

New cryptic bird species discovered

March 27, 2019

Summary: Through persistent detective work and advances in genetic sequencing technology, researchers have discovered a new species of bird on Borneo — the Cream-eyed Bulbul, or Pycnonotus pseudosimplex.

In the lush, lowland rainforests on the island of Borneo lives a rather common, drab brown bird called the Cream-vented Bulbul, or Pycnonotus simplex.

This bird is found from southern Thailand to Sumatra, Java and Borneo. In most of its range, it has white eyes. On Borneo, however, most individuals have red eyes, although there are also a few with white eyes. For 100 years, naturalists have thought the…

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