Provence – charming France

Spicy Road

There are many reasons why I love Provence and maybe you will agree with me! If you like spectacular landscape with many small stylish villages (the original houses have typical blue wooden shutters) and unique combination of beautiful nature, impressive history and delicious local food no doubts you must visit this part of France! I am talking about special part of Provence – Avignon, Arles and CAMARGUE.

GOOD TO KNOW that famous painter Vincent Van Gogh stayed here with his friend Gauguin and another great painter Picasso loved bullfights and was inspired by them to do two paintings and any drawings!


AVIGNON – is famous historical city and major centrum of region (1309 – 1377) was the seat of the Catholic popes.

  • Very beautiful is old town with POPE’S Palace and the PONT d’AVIGNON became a UNESCO 1995!

ARLES – is a small city in this Provence…

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