Top 5


Fruits to use for cooking and baking.


Tomatoes are great for cooking. They are sweet and amazing for sauces especially in Italian cuisine. No matter what I personally have against tomatoes, I have to admit in a sauce they taste great on pizza. I personally suggest trying to make your own tomato sauce. It’s great on pasta dishes! I know what your thinking. Unless your obsessed with all things food like me chances are you’re probably thinking, “Hey, BKIDC aren’t tomatoes a vegetable?”. Sorry to ruin this for you but tomatoes are in-fact a fruit . Anything with a seed is considered a fruit. I know it’s weird but I promise it’s true.Tomatoes are an amazing ingredient. I can’t say that I love them, but I know they can definitely taste great!

4. Lemon

At first when you see lemon you probably think, “Wait… what!?”. Lemons are actually in…

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