The Shining Gem


Is it just a word

Or is it something else?

Is it the way I walk

or is it the way I talk?

Is it how my feelings are expressed

or is it how being with me you don’t feel suppressed?

Is it really my writing

Or is it just your craving?

Is it how you feel about my being

Or is it just a validation for your own being?

Is it a walk in the meadows, arm in arm

Or is it a fight, doing much harm?

Is it gonna be ever lasting

Or is it just spending away, fading?

The answer to this, I don’t know

May be you

Can enlighten me

For I am blinded by the beam

Of the apparent attraction

A flash in the pan or a lasting supernova

I don’t know.

It is sad and sickening to see so few comments on my…

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