Alexstrasza Cosplay – Cape Tutorial

Anhyra Cosplay

Hi everyone! Many of you asked me about how I made my Alexstrasza cape so here’s a short tutorial about it!


A lot of designs from World of Warcraft (WoW) and Heroes of the Storm (HotS) have clothes or capes with big “metallic” bevels on them. In my opinion it’s a bit hard to get this 3d effect just with fabric, so I decided to mix fabric and Eva Foam to achieve this look.


My first step was to get reference images and trace them in photoshop to make a nice digital pattern scaled to my height. I had to adjust a bit the pattern because in the reference images the cape is a bit bended in the sides. I also printed it and tried it over my shoulders to make sure that the proportions were correct.

Once the pattern was ready I traced the whole outline and cut it…

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