The Basics of Photography: Taking Pictures in Low Light

Aspen Pioneer

Low light can be the bane of some photographers existence, especially if they don’t have a camera where they can really crank the ISO up.  But if your ISO can go high enough (for example, 4000 ISO)  low light can (and will) yield some of the best photos.  Why?  Because when the light is low and soft there isn’t so much of a difference between the highlights and shadows and the camera can expose properly for everything–things start to look how we see them.  You get softer highlights and more shadow detail, since the shadows are more visible in low light.  After the sun has set, no matter where you look, the light will be good–you never have to worry about harsh light.


The shadows on this croc pot insert are a little bit dark, but the light is perfect.  This picture was taken a while after sunset, though the…

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