Basic Guide To Using Your Camera Meter


Metering Tricks For Wildlife (and most other) Photographers

(NOTE: Combining this post with my post on understanding exposure will help new photographers to more quickly get a leg up on this side of photography. That frees up the photographer to concentrate on seeing.”

The camera meter…

Nearly all cameras today have automatic metering modes in addition to the manual metering mode. There are usually three auto exposure modes.


  • Aperture Priority: You choose the aperture, and the camera chooses the appropriate shutter speed for the exposure.
  • Shutter Priority: You choose the shutter speed, and the camera chooses the appropriate aperture for the exposure.
  • Program: The camera chooses both shutter and aperture. You have very little control. I do not usually recommend using the Program mode unless it’s literally your first day with a serious camera.

Different cameras have different ways of indicating a “correct” exposure. Some use a match-needle. Others use…

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