How to replace an old zipper

Hopeful Fatalist


You may have a few clothes laying around, waiting for the tailor to fix their zips. If you can’t find a good tailor or you don’t have the time to drop them to one, you can mend them yourself. But make sure that you are comfortable with the basic sewing skills. This project doesn’t require a very high level of sewing knowledge, but it requires some time, patience and attention.

With the following few steps, you can change your old zipper:

cf5d2d4f3bdf89703411399bb5d2208a--fix-a-zipper-zipper-repair1) Choose a zipper of the same color and length of the old zipper. If you end up with a longer zipper, you can cut it from the lower part using sturdy scissors, then close its ends using a plier to hold firmly the prongs (the metal part used to close the zipper). You can sew the lower part really firmly if you don’t have prongs (check the photo)…

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