So You Want to Run a Half Marathon: Here’s What You Need to Know

Sweat Sweetly

The first time I ran a half I thought I would be like a lot of you out there one and done. That turned out not to be the case for me and there’s another one on the schedule for next year. I’ve noticed that for a lot of runners out there, possibly especially lady runners, running a half is a popular bucket list item and that’s totally cool. Sure some of you will go on to run more than one or even fulls and ultras after that but if you only ever do one that’s cool too. But … if that’s your plan, or you plan that it’s just the first of many, there’s some stuff you need to know first!

A lot, like a lot a lot of ladies I run into, who aren’t even necessarily runners have either run one half marathon or want to. I think…

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