The 4 Stages You Go Through Before Enjoying Exercise

Exercise and Health

This article was inspired by the benefits of exercise.

Like most things, you won’t enjoy exercise that much at the beginning. As time goes on, though, it will start to be your escape from a life of stress, pressure and monotony.

So how do you make yourself start enjoying exercise? The truth is, it happens naturally over time.

I’ve broken the cycle that most people go through into 4 simple stages that will help you understand how exercise transforms from your own worst enemy into a daily liberation.

The mental cycle of exercise enjoyment

Stage 1: Fear, dread and discomfort

This stage starts on the day of your first exercise session. If it’s in the evening, you spend the most of your day trying to motivate yourself to stick to your plan. If it’s in the morning, you try to distract yourself from the fact that you are missing out…

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