Why I’m Choosing a New iPhone Over A New DSLR Camera.

Diary Of A Mad Retiree.

Unbeknownst to some of us non-photography people, the processors used in most cameras have reached a brick wall. In other words, technology has gone as far as it can go regarding camera hardware processing. What’s the next best thing to give you the photos of your dreams? Software, that’s what! And what could be better (or easier) than having the latest photography software right there in your ‘camera’!

DSLR cameras can’t do it but iPhones can! Especially the late-model, dual lens iPhone Xs.

iphone8-gallery1-2017.jpg the larger iPhoneXs on the left has the dual lens. The smaller does not.

With just a touch of your finger, you can get fantastic, professional looking photos from your dual lens iPhone that will surpass anything taken with a DSLR camera (hands down!) iPhone is also way better than any point-and-shoot camera!

Here’s an example:

before falls I took this shot of Letchworth Falls with my iPhone 7PLUS…

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