How Growing Up Poor Affects My Financial Decisions Today

Upbeat Motherhood


My mother was a single parent for as long as I can remember. Raising three kids on her own, she worked hard to bring in a regular paycheck to provide for what we needed. During that time, I never realized just how difficult living on one income was. As a child, I felt like I had everything I needed. My mom, the amazing woman she is, made sure that we never saw behind the lines. We never really saw how hard she worked, balancing three kids and working overtime. Being the youngest, I was shielded from that aspect of our lives the most.

As I got a little older, I saw it more. The internet being shut off for a few days until my mom got per paycheck. Eating meals that were concocted of what could be found in the freezer, more out of necessity than choice. My friends were…

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