HP Omen Sequencer review: The king of keyboard volume rollers

Internet Ninja

HP Omen seem to be going all in on optical mechanical peripherals this year, as they?ve not only gone and stuck a bunch of light beams in their Omen Reactor gaming mouse, but their new Omen Sequencer keyboard is absolutely chock full of them. The idea is to give both of them lightning fast response times, as the lack of moving parts means that each device?s respective switches can reset a lot quicker than their fully mechanical counterparts.

In the Sequencer?s case, HP claim its 0.2ms response time makes it 10x faster than your regular mechanical switch. They fail to mention the specific brand of switch they actually tested it against, but it sure makes for some compelling marketing copy. In truth, I can barely tell the difference between regular mechanical keyboard switches, let alone detect whether one?s 10x quicker than the other. The only thing that?s really important to…

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