Does ‘Doing Whatever It Takes’ Mean You Have to Write for Free?

Novelty Revisions

For the amount of writing I do in a given week, I technically don’t get paid for a lot of it.

If you took how much I normally charge to write a blog post for someone else and compare that to what I make on this blog’s Patreon, I probably get paid for about 30 seconds of work on every post I publish. Which is totally fine — welcome to the internet.

There are some gigs out there that pay a small fee for every 1000+ views on your work.

And of course, there are some opportunities that allow you to do cool writing things but do not pay you for them.

When you’re first starting out as a writer, I hope you do so with the understanding that doing work for free is pretty much the norm. You do need experience and to prove you know what you’re doing…

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