Sonmarg: A treat to all 5 senses!

"Iridescent Ink"

Located at about 80 Km from Srinagar this place is absolute bliss. Sonmarg was the first of our illustrious multi-destination trip to ‘The Land of the Mystic Lamas – Ladakh’. Thus, the moment we landed at the Srinagar international airport there was a tempo traveler waiting to take us to the place that was a dazzling sneak-peak to what the rest of our journey would feel like.

Thanks to a malfunction in the aircraft’s AC, our arrival at Srinagar (From Bengaluru) was delayed by a couple of hours on 8th June’18: Day1 of our Ladakh Escapade and we couldn’t have a mini-tour of the Summer Capital of J&K as planned. Zooming in and out of the narrow lanes of Srinagar with a view of artistically built sloping roofed houses, traveling through Srinagar to reach Sonmarg was a breeze. The sun in this region sets around 7 –…

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