For no reason I feel quite sad this afternoon (I am such of person with teaspoon understanding of my own emotion *sigh), then making dessert I think is quite good idea. Even though, I am not dessert person, this pastry was brought a lot of memories, one of my simple favourite snack, with just Banana-Chocolate and Pastry, In Indonesia we called it, pisang coklat, literally meaning Banana Chocolate.

Back in Indonesia, we have buttery pastry, with strong taste and smell of butter. Really easy to find a good shop that sell this kind of dessert, so I don’t really bother to make it myself , even though to make it are dead easy and do not need much ingredient as long as you have the pastry (I consider this as my traditional heritage, since I don’t find it so far outside Indonesia).

Back in Indonesia we used puff pastry, then…

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