7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tomato Juice

21st Century Healthy Lifestyle

From keeping your heart, gut, and liver healthy to fighting carcinogens to stay cancer free, drinking tomato juice ensures you stay healthy at all times. Lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin A among other nutrients in tomato juice aid better vision, healthy skin and hair and weight loss.

We have said many times in the past that eating bright red tomatoes is a shortcut to robust health. That’s because tomatoes are rich in nutrients like folate, vitamin C, potassium, etc. But what truly sets tomatoes is the abundance of antioxidants like carotenoids in them, especially lycopene, known to have several health benefits to offer. Tomato also offers plenty of vitamin A. It is rich in other beneficial components like vitamin E, flavonoids, phytosterols and several other water-soluble vitamins.1

To make the most of the health benefits of tomatoes, they have to be eaten raw or with minimum cooking. If raw tomatoes…

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