Downsizing: what’s your motivation?

My Collapsible Life

On the surface of it, Brent and I had a very simple motivation for our last extreme downsizing: we wanted to try roaming the open road for a while.


But a lot of factors played into how we dealt with our belongings, and as I engage more and more with people looking to do their own downsizing, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on some of those considerations.

tunnel laurie best photo This is what the thought of downsizing can feel like.

Everything about how we downsized flowed from two fundamental decisions:

  • Selling our apartment, and
  • Not renting a storage unit for our stuff.


Selling the apartment

In all honesty, the fact we would have had to do a lot of tough negotiation with our strata council to rent out the apartment indefinitely probably played a significant role in helping us make the decision to sell.

It’s a hard call whether to…

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