5 Essential Oils You Need In Your Life

Pulse Twenty One

Your day ispretty much formed by how you spend your first hourDoes the smell of your favourite scented candle make you feel cosy and content? Does walking past a sweet shop make you feel nostalgic? Does that first smell of coffee in the morning uplift your mood?

Scent is a powerful thing, isn’t it? Directly linked to the emotional part of our brain, it causes certain smells to have a profound psychological impact on how we feel.

People have been using the power of scent for over 6000 years, through Aromatherapy, the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils, to  heal and aid the body and the mind.

Essential oils are derived from aromatic extracts found in flowers, fruits, and plants. Simply add a few drops to an oil diffuser, a warm bath or a carrier oil (my favourite is coconut) to experience the benefits.oil-1370569_640 (2)

Luckily there are hundreds of essentials oils to chose from, but this can make it pretty hard to know where to begin if you’re…

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