My Week on a Raw Food Diet

The Vegan Girl.

During the month of July I decided to try my hand at eating a raw diet for a week. There were a few factors that went into my decision to try this out:

  1. I had experienced so many positive changes after switching to a vegan diet — and apparently, eating raw is like a level 100 vegan thing to do, so I figured this might improve my health even more.
  2. I thought it would serve as a “boost” or catalyst in my daily diet to help with my continued journey at becoming healthier and more fit — in other words, I’d probably lose some weight.
  3. I just really wanted to see if I would be able to eat raw for a week, because I was definitely skeptical that I could.

Going in to this challenge, I decided to create some tangible health markers so I could measure the effects, if…

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