Coca Cola Chocolate Cake

The Cake Mum

Cocacola_cake_1 (2)

Cake, Chocolate & Coca Cola. I have always been curious about combining the three but only got around to trying a recipe recently. I had saved a recipe by Sophie White, which was published in a weekend supplement months ago and decided my husband’s birthday was the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. Sophie kindly gave me permission to share the recipe on my blog.

In the recipe, she suggested serving it with cream and strawberries. While that sounds delicious to me, my kids don’t eat cream, so I did it my way. I hadn’t got much time, so went with chocolate buttercream and cola bottle jellies. It looked a bit retro but my family loved it. The cake is really moist. A friend said it’s like a light chocolate fudge cake and I think she is right.  I’ll make it again for sure.

Recipe and cakemum tips below.

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