How To Do What You Love Each Day

MomTraNeur - The Self-Help Mommy

It’s already May, 5th month of this year and I haven’t even started achieving my new year’s resolution of blogging more and doing more of the things I really love! How do you do what you love each day?

It’s a given that “I do” my mahal every chance I get (which is a couple of times a day if we’re both lucky…lol!) but that’s not the “do” I’m talking about here. Hahaha! TMI! I mean, aside from loving my Mahal and our toddler and traveling together, what else do I love to do? And how do I go about doing what I love to do? Below, I’ll share with you a few things I learned on how to create time for the things you love and if you’re on the same boat as I am, I  hope they help you out as well.

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