How to Find Motivation

A Pinch of Profanity

No matter how motivated of a person you are, we all have those days of laziness where you want to put your head under the blankets and hide from all of your responsibilities.

I can honestly say that I enjoy doing 75% of my responsibilies. I don’t hate my job, I don’t hate my classes, and I obviously don’t hate blogging. But when I woke up today, I felt instant dread knowing that I had to tackle all of these things. I’m going to be totally upfront with you all, I had literally no motivation to write this post. Then, as I was inspiring myself to get out of bed and start writing this, it hit me.

I should scrap my original post idea and write about how I went from dreading this post to actually looking forward to writing it.

So that’s enough rambling, let’s get into it!


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