The simple joy of being at home…

Jennifer May Parker

Home 1.jpg

Just before the Easter Long weekend  I posted on Instagram that I would almost chew my right arm off to be back at Tangalooma on Moreton Island for the  weekend. Deep down, I knew I wouldn’t chew my arm off, but it’s always so nice to just get away to one of your favourite places for a few days break to unwind and just be feeling pretty damn good for a few days.

Having said that, it’s also just as nice sometimes to have four days at home for Easter just a few months after Christmas. I know a lot of us don’t actually get the full four days off with having to go to shift work … or looking after kids/family/relatives/pets/houses and so on, but four days at home for those fortunate enough to have that luxury goes alright in my opinion as well. After all, we all just…

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