Romantic Things to do in Abu Dhabi

The Backpack Footprint

This is another guest post by Neha Singh.

Abu Dhabi has never been content to sit back and be the capital of the United Arab Emirates. No – rather, it’s an ambitious city brimming with youthful energy to expand and diversify and be known as the capital of entertainment, and based on what we know now, the capital of Romance too! So what does Abu Dhabi have that’ll get your hearts racing? How about romantic desert safaris just the two of you, sleeping blissfully under the stars on a dark dune? How about hot air balloon rides over the desert and city, holding hands? There are any number of romantic things to do in Abu Dhabi and we’re only just getting started.

1. Desert Dinner And Romantic Night
How about an ultra-swanky dinner for two in the middle of the Empty Quarter desert? A dinner attended by your private butler…

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