Men’s Aftershave as a Primer?!

The Life of Kristyn

Hey Everyone!

I am going to get right into this post because this is one of those products that I have been interested in trying and I was curious to see if it actually worked. If you haven’t heard or seen yet, a lot of beauty gurus have been using Nivea Men’s Aftershave balm as a primer. At first thought, it’s odd, but when I looked more into it, using this product made sense.

Why does it make sense? Well, it’s all thanks to the glycerin that is in the product. Glycerin creates a layer between the skin and your makeup, making your makeup last longer. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend had 4 bottles stocked up, so I just took one to test out!

aftershave1How To Use It

It’s very easy to use! The packaging is very bulky and not the most ideal, in my opinion, as the product can…

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