3 Easy Steps To Know How Influental You Are On Instagram

Doni Laksono - Travel & Digital Influencer

So, you are an Instagram user. If you have many followers and likes on your account, does it mean you get greater audience and influence? Maybe yes, and maybe no. It depends on several factors to measure the influence of your account. Thus, what are they? How to measure? Below is the online measurement to get to know of how influental your account on Instagram. CHECK IT OUT!


Hypetap Influence http://influence.hypetap.com/

Although there are many tools or website that offer to measure your influence, hypetap influence is one of the simplest tool to try.

  1. Go to http://influence.hypetap.com/
  2. Write down your Instagram username (without ‘@’), here I put my username as an example. Well, it doesn’t require password to proceed, so I believe it’s very safe
  3. Wait for a second and see the result!

Hypetap result My result on Hypetap Influence

The result will tell whether you are influental enough or you need…

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