Amelia Earhart

A Leader's Inspiration

An inspiration for women and pilots around the world, Amelia Earhart is the famous pilot who mysteriously disappeared during her final solo flight around the equator.

Holding a passion for aviation, Earhart flew many groundbreaking flights across the Atlantic, while reaching a height of 14,000 feet, the highest during her time for a woman. Her passion came from air shows and brushes with airplanes growing up, and fueled her lifelong passion.

She is famous for her last flight around the equator, in which she disappeared along with her plane and her navigator. Neither of the bodies nor the plane was ever to be found, and their whereabouts as well as what happened to them still remains a mystery to this day.


While her story is interesting and intriguing, it is important to remember her as an inspirational woman who followed her dreams to the ends of the earth. Not letting…

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