#46 Top tips for smartphone videography in the summer


Photo: Julia Volk via Pexels.com

It’s the dog days of summer again – well at least if you live in the northern hemisphere or near the equator. While many people will be happy to finally escape the long lockdown winter and are looking forward to meeting friends and family outside, intense sunlight and heat can also put extra stress on the body – and it makes for some obvious and less obvious challenges when doing videography. Here are some tips/ideas to tackle those challenges.

Icon: Alexandr Razdolyanskiyvia The Noun Project

Find a good time/spot!
Generally, some of the problems mentioned later on can be avoided by picking the right spot and/or time for an outdoor shoot during the summertime. Maybe don’t set up your shot in the middle of a big open field where you and your phone are totally exposed to the full load of sunshine photons at…

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