How To Train Your Mind To Think Positively.

New Lune

I know many people struggle thinking positively, I was one of them. There is literally no way for someone to be positive 24/7, that’s just a lie. With that said, you have the power to train your mind to think positively. If you have anxiety or depression then you will most likely know how difficult it is to think positively. You are constantly thinking about scenarios that probably would never happen, always over worrying or overstressing about something and just stressing yourself for the most insignificant things.

I was one of them and I’m still one of those people who over worry and overstress about the smallest thing but with time, I’ve learnt to train my subconscious mind to stop or shall I say avoid thinking negatively. There are obviously days when I have negative thoughts and that’s completely normal because we are all humans. It’s definitely a lifelong…

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