New York, New York: Travel highlights

Lianne Marissa

I’ve just returned from my first ever trip to New York. I can’t quite believe I’ve never been before because it’s always been a place on my travel list, but for some reason I’ve always found myself prioritizing travelling to other places.

I spent a full week and really think I maximized my time. To get around I largely used my good old trusty legs in lieu of the subway, as one of my favourite things to do is explore aimlessly and get lost down the side streets whilst going from A to B.

Here are some of my higlights:


❤ Brooklyn ❤ I absolutely loved Dumbo. Full of hipster cafes and vintage shops, it gave me Manchester and Shoreditch vibes.


❤ Central Park was definitely a highlight for me. I love the juxtaposition of a peaceful, green and open space in the middle of the vibrancy of a city.

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